National Contestants

United States Amateur Roller Skating Association
National Championships

1942 to 1971
Aaron, Eddie – Kokomo, Ind.
Abate, JoAnn – Bayonne, N.J.
Abbott, Clorene – Dallas, Texas
Abbott, Guy – Oakland, Calif.
Abbott, Lajuanda – Dallas, Texas
Abboud, Albert – Quincy, Mass.
Abell, Tim – Harvey, Ill.
Able. Tom – Indianapolis, Ind.
Abner, Luanne – Marion, Ind.
Abney Jr., Walter – Kokomo, Ind.
Abney, Annetta – Kokomo, Ind.
Abney, Deanna – Kokomo, Ind.
Abney, Wayne – Kokomo, Ind.
Abrahams, Ruth – Hollywood, Calif.
Abrego, Ike – Pomona, Calif.
Acampora, Brenda – Alexandria, Va.
Achee, John – New Orleans, La.
Ackerman, Edward – Bayonne, N.J.
Ackerman, Jean – Bergenfield, N.J.
Ackley Robert – Hackensack, N.J.
Ackley, Peggy – Marion, Ind.
Adair, Margie –Trenton, N.J.
Adam, Roland Mark – Houston, Texas
Adamcheck, Kathleen – Long Beach, Conn.
Adamcheck, Katherine – Stratford, Conn.
Adamcheck, William – Dorchester, Mass.
Adamo, Mary – Levittown, N.Y.
Adams, Barbara – Lowell, Mich.
Adams, Carol – Buena Park, Calif.
Adams, Carol – Chicago, Ill.
Adams, Carol – Livonia, Mich.
Adams, Cindy – Lowell, Mich.
Adams, Frank – Frankfurt, Ind.
Adams, Jeffery – Frankfort, Ind.
Adams, Jerry – Lowell, Mich.
Adams, Larry – Livonia, Mich.
Adams, Linda – Oakland, Calif.
Adams, Melissa – Frankfort, Ind.
Adams, Pat – Bladensburg, Md.
Adams, Sue – Merced, Calif.
Adams, Tammy – Frankfort, Ind.
Adams, Tony – Frankfort, Ind.
Adasse, Louis – Bay Shore, N.Y.
Adkins, Karen Sue – Peru, Ind.
Adler, Ethel – Hackensack, N.J.
Adler, Louis – Hackensack, N.J.
Adler, Vickie – Santa Barbara, Calif.
Adrianse, Bonnie – Lowell, Mich.
Adubato, Lillian – Livingston, N.J.
Agee, Joe – Indianapolis, Ind.
Aguilar, Rene – Ithaca, N.Y.
Aidukas, Edward – Bayonne, N.J.
Aidukas, Joseph – Bayonne, N.J.
Aidukas, Richard, Bayonne, N.J.
Aiello, Christine – Summit, Ill.
Aiello, Cindy – Summit, N.J.
Aiello, JoAnn – Summit, Ill.
Akridge, Bob – Norwood, Ohio
Alarcon, Anita – Stratford, Conn.
Alarcon, Joseph – Stratford, Conn.
Albert, Donald – Pittsburg, Pa.
Albrecht, Joyce – Livonia, Mich.
Albright, Roderick – Reading, Pa
Alderson, Jay Ann – Pasadena, Calif
Aldino, Lorraine – Stratford, Conn.
Aldred, Jack – Muskegon, Mich.
Aldridge, Juanita – Davison, Mich.
Alexander, Diane – Davison, Mich.
Alexander, Gloria – Escondido, Calif.
Alfred, Paula – Bakersfield, Calif.
Ali, Jamie – Pomona, Calif.
Ali, Khaled – Pomona, Calif.
Alink, Nancy – Mineola, N.Y.
Alino, Barbara – Watsonville, Calif.
Allen, Albert – Bridgeport, Conn.
Allen, Barbara – Van Nuys, Calif.
Allen, Barry – Alexandria, Va.
Allen, Betty – Baltimore, Md.
Allen, Buddy – Richmond, Va.
Allen, Carolyn – Van Nuys, Calif.
Allen, David – Pasadena, Calif.
Allen, Jack – Garden Grove, Calif.
Allen, Janice – Elizabeth, N.J.
Allen, John – Bladensburg, Md.
Allen, Kathy – Pasadena, Calif.
Allen, Larry – Baltimore, Md.
Allen, Patricia – Mt. Vernon, N.Y.
Allen, Richard – Van Nuys, Calif.
Allen, Robert – Long Beach, Calif.
Allen, Russell – Bay Shore, N.Y.
Allen, Stephen – Livonia, Mich.
Allen, William – Van Nuys, Calif.
Allison, Beverly Joy – Stepney, Conn.
Allison, Jerry – Elizabeth, N.J.
Allman, Barbara – Stockton, Calif.
Allman, James – Stockton, Calif.
Allsopp, Linda – Encinitas, Calif.
Almond, Barbara – Garden Grove, Calif.
Altenbaugh, James – Tarentum, Pa.
Althouse, Kathryn – Pasadena, Calif.
Altizer, William – Alexandria, Va.
Altman, Linda – Bladensburg, Md.
Aluise, Patsy – Pittsburg, Pa.
Amarue, John – Quincy, Mass.
Amato, Paula – Worcester, Mass.
Ambrosini, Miriam – Bridgeport, Conn.
Ammerman, Edwin – Grand Rapids, Mich.

Amo, Franklin – Watsonville, Calif.
Amo, Gregory – Watsonville, Calif.
Amo, Mary – Watsonville, Calif.
Amos, Bonnie – Lowell, Mich.
Amrhein, Dorothea – Livonia, Mich.
Amrhein, Kathy – Livonia, Mich.
Amses, Joan – Bayonne, N.J.
Amthor, Thelma – Alexandria, Va.
Anderson, Arron – Dorchester, Mass.
Anderson, Barbara – Melrose Park, Ill.
Anderson, Dennis – Frankfurt, Ind.
Anderson, Dorothy – Chicago, Illinois
Anderson, Edward – Levittown, N.Y.
Anderson, Edward – Livonia, Mich.
Anderson, Helen – Dorchester, Mass.
Anderson, Janet – Wheaton, Ill.
Anderson, Jay Ann – Pasadena, Calif.
Anderson, John – Urbana, Ill.
Anderson, Leslie – 29 Palms, Calif.
Anderson, Lewis – Davison, Mich.
Anderson, Malanye – Mayfield Heights, Ohio
Anderson, Richard – Hackensack, N.J
Anderson, Steven – Bakersfield, Calif.
Anderson, Timothy – Battle Creek, Mich.
Andrasko, Charles – Pittsburgh, Pa.
Andre, Renee – Seattle, Wash.
Andreff, Judy – Harvey, Ill.
Andrews, Debbie – Summit, Ill.
Andrews, Gary – Levittown, N.Y.
Andrews, Judy – Levittown, N.Y.
Andrews, Michelle – Grand Rapids, Mich.
Andrews, Thomas – Reading, Pa.
Angelo, George – Bayonne, N.J.
Angelo, Rosemarie – Bayonne, N.J.
Anglin, Robert – Everett, Wash.
Anthony, Toni – Harvey, Ill.
Antonaccio, Linda – Mt. Vernon, N.Y.
Apple, Dorothy – Long Beach, Calif.
Apple, Sherry – Noblesville, Ind.
Appleton, Hope – Alexandria, Va.
Appleton, Robert – Alexandria, Va.
Appleton, Roy – Alexandria, Va.
Arant, Sylvia – Pomona, Calif.
Arbes, Brad – Bridgeville, Pa.
Ardizzone, Tony – Indianapolis, Ind.
Arisohn, Nancy – Mt. Vernon, N.Y.
Armer, Carol – Reading, Pa.
Armer, Donald – Reading, Pa.
Armer, Judy – Reading, Pa.
Areson,Debi - Alexandria, Va.
Arnett, Randall – Springfield, Mass.
Arnold, Brenda – Indianapolis, Ind.
Arnold, Frank – Dallas, Texas
Arnold, James – Muskegon, Mich.
Arnold, Jeffrey – Indianapolis, Ind.
Arnold, Michael – Indianapolis, Ind.
Arnold, Robert – Barberton, Ohio
Arnold, Robert – Bridgeport, Conn.
Aronson, Ollie – Boston, Mass.
Arsenault, James – Worcester, Mass.
Artherhultz, Dena – Marion, Ind.
Arthur, Gay – Van Nuys, Calif.
Arthur, Wallace – Grand Rapids, Mich.
Artino, Debra – Bladensburg, Md.
Arundale, Cletus – Levittown, N.Y.
Arundale, Richard – Levittown, N.Y.
Asman, Karl – Oakland, Calif.
Asman, Matt – Oakland, Calif.
Asplaugh, Barbara – Indianapolis, Ind.
Atchison, Gladys – Tarentum, Pa.
Atkins, Bonnie – Bladensburg, Md.
Atkins, Carole – Hackensack, N.J.
Atkins, Linda – Bladensburg, Md.
Atnip, Sandra – Livonia, Mich.
Attridge, Audrey – Dorchester, Mass.
Atwell, James – Frankfort, Ind.
Atwell, Mary – Frankfort, Ind.
Auble, Dawn – Ithaica, N.Y.
Auble, George – Ithaca, N.Y.
Audy, Adrienne – Bridgeport, Conn.
Audy, Diana – Bridgeport, Conn.
Audy, Elaine – Long Beach, Calif.
Audy, Raymond – Bridgeport, Conn.
Auger, Constance – Worcester, Mass.
Augustine Jr., William – Frenchtown, N.J.
Aul, Edward – Pittsburg, Pa.
Aulberry, Rene – Marion, Ind.
Auriemma, James – Florham Park, N.J.
Austin, Bradley – Bladensburg, Md.
Austin, Claudette – Worcester, Mass.
Austin, Deborah – Bladensburg, Md.
Austin, Wally – Alexandria, Va.
Autieri, James – Mt. Vernon, N.Y.
Avery, Vicki – Watsonville, Calif.
Aylor, Nancy – Alexandria, Va.
Ayres, Connie – Marion, Ind.
Ayres, James – Marion, Ind.
Ayres, Johnny – Marion, Ind.

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