William (Bill) Ferraro
Born-1936 In Detroit, MI.

   My sister, Barbara and I got our first pair of clamp-on skates when she was six and I was four.  We would skate until the leather straps carved blisters on our ankles but we kept skating anyway.
   When we got old enough our parents both became Scout leaders and planned a skating party at Riverside Arena in Plymouth, MI.  While there, because I could already skate, I was approached by a little girl, Barbara Searles, who asked me to skate couples.  I did and that started a partnership in 1950 and a life of competitive skating, that lasted until 1957.
   National placements USARSA.
   1950- 3rd Novice Pairs w/Barbara Searles
   1951- 1st Novice Men's Singles
          2nd Intermediate Pairs w/Barbara Searles
   1952- 1st Intermediate Men's Singles
           1st Junior Pairs w/Barbara Searles
   1953- 3rd Junior Men's Singles
            3rd Senior Pairs w/Barbara Searles
   1954- 1st junior Men's Singles
           4th Senior Pairs w/Barbara Searles
   1955- 1st Senior Men's Singles
          3rd Senior Pairs w/Barbara Searles

   The 1st in Senior Men's Singles allowed me to represent the U.S. at the 1955 World Championships in Barcelona, Spain where I was running 3rd after the figures (at that time figures and singles were still both part of one contest) but placed 1st in the free style portion; finishing 2nd over all.
   1956- 1st Senior Men's Singles
            1st Senior Pairs w/Barbara Searles
   1957- 1st Senior Men's Singles
          1st Senior Pairs w/Barbara Searles
          2nd Intermediate Dance w/ Delphine Goncey

I started teaching skating in the fall of 1957 at Noblesville, Indiana and have taught in
various rinks in Indiana ever since; teaching through the RSROA since the merger in 1972.
   In 1997 a new ruling was passed that allowed coaches to compete.  In 1999 a new division was included at the regional and national level; Veteran's Solo Dance, 55 years and over.
   National Placements USARS
   1999- 1st Veteran's Solo
            3rd Master's Team Dance w/partner Karen Eller
   2000- 2nd Veteran's Solo Dance
   2001- 1st Veteran's Solo Dance
   2002- 1st Veteran's Solo Dance
   2003- 1st Veteran's Solo Dance
   2004- 2nd Veteran's Solo Dance
   2005- 1st Veteran's Solo Dance
              1st Veteran's Team Dance w/partner (wife) Carolyn Ferraro
   I had four children Derek, Piper, Gavin and Jared.  Gavin passed away in 1972 at age 5.  I now have six grandchildren and three great grandchildren.
   My wife, Carolyn, and I live in Kokomo, Indiana and teach skating at Wheels of Wonder (W.O.W.) in Indianapolis, Indiana.  We are proud of the rink and the skaters in the Melody Skate Club.  We have helped many students achieve their goals by winning gold, silver and bronze national medals and some even just by participating at the regional and national level.
   I feel truly blessed for having been introduced to the sport of roller skating; unfortunately our level of success is too often measured by the results of competitions; for me the best part is the people; skater, parents and spectators, that I've met throughout these skating years.  It is there friendships and all the wonderful memories that make the past so special.  And now it is the confidence that the future will bring even more friendships and more memories that will keep me involved in this great sport, ROLLER SKATING!!!