United States Amateur Roller Skating Association

May 12, 13, 14, 15

Woodbridge, New Jersey

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Jim Kohl, ChairmanGladys Werner, Carol & 
Everett YagudJack CourtneyJack Becker & Sheryl CourtneyDave Babb & Jack MartelRob Shaffer, Janice Weakley, Carol ShafferBetty Ann Rottkamp Margan & Gale Nardelli ManfredStephen & Connie Rothmaler with Gladys WernerMel Warren with Betty Ann & GaleSonny & Betty Cunningham CanfieldJaci Zimmerman Charbonneau & Barbara Jablonski CollinsCheryl Werner Zeranti & Barbara Francesconi AbbottSteve Johnson & Barbara FrancesconiDeanna D. Holliday-Kent & Wayne KentTony DiPietro & CherylCharlie Lowe & Gladys WernerNancy Becker & Lois FacherJack & Nancy BeckerJoAnn McCafferty Nevins & JJ CarsoneLinda Kobane VaniscakJJ & CherylTony DiPietro & JJ CarsoneJaci Zimmerman Charbonneau & Cheryl WernerBarbara Dayney & Steve JohnsonBarbara Francesconi & Larry DorsettGladys, Barbara Dayney & Robin Dayney DiMarinoCheryl Werner & Gaile Gilmartin SmithMarshall Rule & CherylVernon & Susan Funch Smith with Jack Dayney (center)TUJAX
Courtney & DayneyEd Anderson & Jack BurtonBarbara Dayney with family accepting Lifetime Achievement AwardRandy Dayney speaking on behalf of the Dayney FamilyJack Burton  giving his thanks for the Lifetime Achievement AwardJack Burns chats with Rosemarie Angelo Auble both skaters from BoulevardVirginia Smith Frank, Betty Cunningham, Ed Daly, Janice Allen WeakleyMichele Gaudenzi McCarthy, Diane Meegan Bates, Tom & Loretta Meegan CuranThere's a party going on right here ! Let's CelebrateFran Grassi Johnston & GladysDawn Duvall & GladysDawn with the Warren's, Reene & MelFran Grassi & Tony DiPietroCarl Henderson, Gale Nardelli Manfred, Marshall RuleSonia Pasis & Fran GrassiRita Smith Rule & Ed AndersonDawn Duvall, Carl Henderson, Fran Grassi JohnstonJim Kohl & Jack Burns
Skating Club of BoulevardJack and the Meegan Sisters - Diane & LorettaJack Burns
Coached by Bob WestNancy, Barbara, Jack,CherylCarmen Schettino "Master of Photography" all 50 or more pictures following are by Carmen, Thank you.
Edie Burton Robenstein and brother Jack BurtonThe new Jack BurtonYes, this is my last Reunion and I thank everyone for their support in the past with special thanks to my committee for this great event.The incomparable Courtneys'Jaci Zimmereman Charbonneau & Bill Davis showing their style in Carlos Tango.Jack, Nancy & Lois FacherDoug & Charlotte MilneJoAnn McCafferty Nevins, 
Barbara DayneyGreg LloydCarmen Schettino, Jack Martel, Hank MalluckTony DiPietro, Gail Carpenter Bickett2007 Reunion Newspaper article - Jim Kohl & Barbara Jablonski Collins competing in Werner TangoMichele Kontra Carter - 2010 Reunion Photographer speaking with Dorothy & Bill Parmentier from MichiganJim Kohl is elated meeting Michele Gaudenzi McCarthy, it was 3 years since the last time. Only Jim got older looking !"The Judges"
Carl Henderson, Gaile Gilmartin Smith, Gladys Werner.
Carl wrote the dance, guess he was a tough judge.Maryanne Farina Russack & GladysLoretta Meegan Curran
Skating Club of Boulevard 50 years ago - we haven't seen her since, what a joy to meet again.L-R, Linda Kobane Vaniscak, Maryanne, Gladys, Barbara Francesconi Abbott, JoAnne McCafferty NevinsLuanne & Stephen impressing the JudgesCarl Henderson awards 1st place to Luanne Panessi & Stephen Rothmaler."The Winners"
1st place - Luanne & Stephen
2nd place - Sheryl & Jack Courtney
3rd place - Jaci Zimmerman Charboneau & Bill DavisBill & Luanne showing their stuff - Bill is hoping some of that 1st place rubs on him.Thursday night event turned into a great evening to mingle, see Vido on 8 foot screen of World Championships from ABC Wideworld of Sports.
This event was a favorite to everyone !Janice Allen Weakley & Ed DalyMarvin Facher admires Jim's sweat shirt with Boulevard Arena picture on it, Hank Malluck looks on.Maryanne, Carmen, Babs UrbanJack MartelRocket SkatesCarmen's final touch of class.
Thank you Carmen !Barbara, George, JanJanice & BarbaraJanWeakley & Terry McGurnRosemarie Angelo Auble & Barbara Jablonski CollinsGini Smith Frank, Rosemarie Angelo Auble & Gail SprongTerry Colaio Paugh, Sonny & Betty Canfield, Ed Daly
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Mel Warren & Mineola GangCharlie Lowe & Mel WarrenJim Lodi & Eileen LoweEverett & Carol YagudGreat Thursday night event !Deanna Holiday-Kent.Wayne Kend & Jim LodiRenee & Mel with Gaile Gilmartin SmithGale Nardelli ManfredBarbara Francesconi AbbottBarbara Dayney & Robin Dayney DiMarinoNancy Becker & Carl HendersonCarl Hendereson & Marshall RuleJack Becker, Rita Smith Rule, Marshall Rule, Carl Henderson & Charlie LoweBill Fellows Jr.Gladys, Bill Lessne & MelMel Warren donates the AOW Challenge Trophy retired by the Levittown Skating Club to Chester Fried of the Roller Skaters Museum.Gladys & Jim Lodi cut the rugEileen & Charlie Lowe recipients of the 2010 USARSA Lifetime Achievement AwardBarbara & Billy DavisBarbara & MelGail Nardelli & BarbaraJaAnn McCafferty & Linda KobaneJack CourtneyLarry Dorsett, Sheryl & JackFar right - Barbara Jablonski Collins - Twin CityBarbara & Vernon SmithBarbara & Susan Funch SmithBarbara, Rick & Debbie Eysman Arundale'TUJAX"
Jack Courtney & Jack DayneyRandy Dayney joins the 'TUJAX"Barbara & Ed AndersonNancy Becker, Barbara, Jack Becker, Cheryl WernerBarbara & Jack BurtonJaci Zimmerman Charboneau & Bill DavisTalented Skaters with many miles on them, but still game.Here we go !"it was easier 40 years ago""hold on - hold on""ring around the rosie, pocket full of posies, ashes to ashes, we all fall down" - Larry is last skater standing but they get a 6 for trying.Oh no ! here we go again.Would you believe they were World Medallist or just happy to see each other.Barbara & Keith KingLuanne Panesi & Steve RothmalerJudges for the "Carlos Tango"
Gladys Werner, Gaile Gilmartin Smith and Carl Henderson, wrote the Carlos TangoJaci Zimmerman Charboneau & Billy Davis compete in dance contestThe Winners are:
1st -Luanne Panesi & Stephen Rothmaler
2nd - Jack & Sheryl Courtney
3rd - Jaci Zimmeerman & Bill DavisThe Judges smile with their results.Larry Dorsett & Jack Dayney asking "will this be an Annual event ?"Rita Smith Rule with Larry Dorsett and Susan SmithHail, Hail the gangs all hereBill Lessne & BarbaraGaile, Barbara & Gladys "Thumper" SmithRita Smith Rule & BarbaraCrl Hendereson & Marshall Rule discussing "maybe we should have bought National Arena"Barbara & Smiling Jack BurtonBarbara & Jack Dayney

I think Barbara had her picture taken with everyone but me.Barbara & CarlCheryl Werner & BarbaraMel, Gladys, Jim Lodi, Eileen & Charlie LoweCharlie Lowe & Gladys Werner -
Barbara & Chester FriedGail Nardelli Manfred & BarbaraLinda Kobane Vaniscak &  BarbaraMichele Gaudenzi McCarthy & BarbaraMaryanne Farina Russack & GladysBarbara, JoAnn,.Linda & J.J. CarsoneBarbara & Barbara DayneyLois & Marvin Facher with BarbaraLarry Dorsett enjoys a moment with Barbara & CherylIf they ever bring back "Men's Pairs" we are in.I ask "who could not love Barbara with the smiling face"
Carl Henderson with a smile too.The Dayney tableBarbara Dayney accepting the USARSA Lifetime Achievement Award on behalf of John and herself. We miss John very much.Jim Kohl, Chairman presents Jack Burton with the USARSA Lifetime Achievement AwardChester Fried, Vice-President of the National Roller Skating Museum accepts the AOW Club Challenge Trophy from Mel Warren.  Levittown retired this trophy after 3 consecutive wins.
2010 Attendees (some latecomers names are missing)

Abbott, Barbara Francesconi
Arundale, Debbie Eysman
Arundale, Rick
Babb, David L.
Bates, Diane Meegan
Becker, Jack
Becker, Nancy
Bickett, Gail Carpenter
Bonnington, Muriel
Brosonski, Maria Bilyk
Brosonski, William E.
Brown, Dixie Backes
Burns, Jack
Burns, Paula
Burton, Jack & Daughters
Butler, Babs Urban
Canfield, Elizabeth Cunningham
Canfield, Linford
Carsone, John J.
Carter, Michele Kontra
Charbonneau, Jaci Zimmerman
Charles F. Lowe 111
Chester, Carol
Chester, Joe
Collins, Barbara Jablonski
Collins, Richard
Compagnucci, Fred F.
Corapi, Gregory
Corapi, Linda Hand
Courtney, Jack
Courtney, Sheryl
Curran, Loretta Meegan
Curran, Tom
Dailey, Tom
Daly, Edward L.
Darling, Irene
Davis, Bill
Dayney, Barbara
Dayney, Jack
Dayney, Randy
De Roo, Donald
DiMarino, Robin Dayney
DiPietro, Tony
Dorsett, Larry
Dowd, Sheryl
Doyle, Sherylin Lippman
Duvall, Dawn
Edwards, Bill
Edwards, Karen Walsh
Elliott, Gayle Van Pelt
Elliott, Richard
Eysman, Joyce
Fallon, Katherine
Falzzolare, Jill Dayney
Falzzolare, Nick
Fischer, Webb
Frank, Virginia Smith
Fried, Chester
Glickstein, Robert
Hackett, Rodwell
Hardie, Dennis
Henderson, Carl
Hitz, Michele Houle
Houle, Bill
Houle, Ginny West
Johnson, Steve
Johnston, Fran Grassi
Joye, Christina Heine
Karr, Sha-Ron
King, Nancy
Kohl, Jim
LaCava, Erica Hackett
Lessne, Bill
Lippmann, Sharron Davies
Lloyd, Gregory M
Lodi, James
Lowe, Charles
Lowe, Eileen
Malluck, Henry "Hank"
Manfred, Gale Nardelli
Margan, Betty Ann Rottkamp
Margan, Wayne
Martel, John
McAteer, Colleen Giacomo
McAteer, Roger
McCarthy, Michele Gaudenzi
McDonnell, Cookie Blackwood
McDonnell, Thomas
McGurn, Terry
Miller, Karen
Monroe, Kenneth
Monroe, Marie Secter
Murphy, Artie
Murphy, Bonnie Jean
Murphy, Jackie
Nazzaro, Clifford J.
Nevins, JoAnn McCafferty
Palmer, Steve
Palmer, Wendy
Papageorge, Genie
Parmentier, Dorothy E.
Parmentier, William H.
Pasis, Sonia
Paugh, Theresa Colaio
Paugh, Theresa Colaio (guest) Angelo
Reeder, Barbara
Robenstein, Bill
Robenstein, Edie
Rone, Barbara Zawistowski
Rone, Hughie
Rothmaler, Constance
Rothmaler, Stephen
Rudalewicz, Donald
Rule, Marshall
Rule, Rita Smith
Russack, Maryanne Farina
Schettino, Carmen
Shaffer, Carol Sansone
Shaffer, Robert
Shaub, Gladys "Thumper" Smith
Smith, Gaile Gilmartin
Smith, Susan Funch
Smith, Vernon
Sprong, Gail
Stanco, Susan King
Thompson, Mindy Beckerman
Vaniscak, Linda Kobane
Vera, Patricia Houle
Warren, Mel
Warren, Renee
Weakley, Janice Allen
Werner, Gladys
Yagud, Carol
Yagud, Everett
Zeranti, Cheryl A.

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