1967 World Championships -Birmingham, England

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Gary Callahan & Joanne DiPietro
1967 World Team
L-R - Bill Boyd, Donald Rudalewicz, Rita Smith, Gary Callahan, Joanne DiPietro, Jack Courtney, Sheryl Trueman & Kathy Schreiber
Sheri Street Batt & Robert Shaffer - not in picture
1967 World Dance - Birmingham, England - Bronze Medalist
Sheri Street Batt and Robert Shaffer
Results from 1967 World Championships:
Jack Courtney - 2nd place - singles
Jack Courtney & Sheryl Trueman - 2nd place - pairs
JoAnn DiPietro and Gary Callahan were not able to skate - JoAnn broke her leg before leaving for England.
Rob Shaffer & Sherri Street Batt were called up to replace them and took 3rd place.
Donald Rudalewicz & Rita Smith placed 8th
Billy Boyd and our Ladies placed but not on the podium.